Time for a Change...

I've been working under the name "Clare View Photography," since February of 2012. It has definitely served me well, and I've learned a lot since taking up that name. However, there's something about graduating from college and still working with the same photography business that I came up with in the theatre department in my sophomore year of high school that makes me want to shake things up a bit. 

I've done a lot since then-- living in Europe and Dallas, making and changing friends, earning a Bachelor's degree in English, moving back to the Midwest. Clare View Photography will always be a wonderful memory, but it's time to move on, kids.

"Plein Air" comes from the phrase "En Plein Air," which is a French phrase describing "the act of painting outdoors." Beyond painting, it is an umbrella term for working with your artistic subject in person, surrounded by natural light and capturing its true essence. This encapsulates my photographic style, attempting to work solely with natural light and to capture the inner self of my clients. My goal is to make my subject feel as if they are seeing their best selves in the photographs. "Plein Air" seems to capture this feeling. 

I do have to give a shoutout to my mother, Lydia, for coming up with the name. It's quite fitting that she discovered the phrase "En Plein Air" in a poem-- I can't seem to do anything without a literary connection. 

More thanks to Erin Kelly of Kelly Creative (kellycreativestudio.com) for her phenomenal graphic design skills, and for putting up with my many emails.  

Keep an eye out here for future postings, and thanks for checking in! In the words of the 1953 Peter Pan: "Here we goooooooo...." 



Plein Air Logo Final CMYK.jpg

Modeling after the Romantics

In May of this last year, I took a degree in English from the University of Dallas-- since then, I've been blessed with something I haven't had in four years: time to read books not required of me to read. A few weeks ago, I re-read Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Ernest" as well as Margaret Gaskell's "North and South," and I started working on some Evelyn Waugh work. All of this inspired me to style a shoot that felt a little Romantic and a little Victorian-- in other words, the weird "taxes and employment don't exist for the upper class Brits so I'll just head out to frolic in the woods" vibe that Literary Romanticism offers. With help from Miss Rachel (check our her instagram: @ImRachelNicole), I think we accomplished that. Have fun with these pics-- they were a blast to shoot. 



Bridal Party Beauties // ben + magdalene

This past weekend, I watched my older sister, Magdalene, marry her Minnesota sweetie, Ben. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out a way that I could be both wedding photographer and bridesmaid, but I was lucky enough to be asked to grab some shots before the wedding, while the girls got ready.

This group compiled some kickass women from all aspects of Maggie's life: her time at UST, Milwaukee, as an RA, from work, and from her childhood. We had so much fun hanging out and getting ready together to celebrate Maggie + Ben. 

We got to the Wisconsin Club at 7:30 AM, and got to blast some music, eat some treats, and relax in the personally monogrammed robes that were part of the gifts to the bridesmaids. Enjoy the pictures, and keep me in mind for your future wedding!

Hair by Loreen Fournier and Natalie Sanflippo X Makeup by Stephanie Mueller

Location: The Wisconsin Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin